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Corporate Earnings Continue to Show Strength

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 8/17/17 12:00 AM

Corporate America continues to do just fine, thank you.

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Health care insurance costs continuing their inexorable rise upwards.

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 8/9/17 10:53 AM

Health care insurance costs continuing their inexorable rise upwards.

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Want to Be Happy? Buy More Takeout and Hire a Maid

Posted by Stephen Daly on 7/19/17 2:50 PM

The National Academy of Sciences recently released a study showing that individuals that spent money on time saving services reported having greater life satisfaction.  The researchers surveyed individuals in the US and in Europe and found that although levels of wealth are increasing, that it is coming with a cost: increased demands on people’s time.  The study found that participants reported feeling happier after spending money on time saving purchases such ordering takeout food than they did on material purchases such as clothing.  So if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, think about hiring a maid and treating yourself to a nice run outside or some quality time on the couch!

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Lackluster Economic Statistics from the Manufacturing Sector

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 6/27/17 11:36 AM

Another day, another lackluster economic statistic from the manufacturing sector.

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What We're Watching

Posted by Stephen Daly on 6/26/17 3:54 PM

We all know that terrible feeling that occurs after you have watched the series finale of your most recent favorite show.  Now what to watch?!  Is there anything else out there that can replace it? We have all been there, read on for a few suggestions from The Family Firm staff and see if any of our recommendations tickle your fancy.

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Are the Banks Strangled by Over-Regulation?

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 6/26/17 11:37 AM

Are the banks being strangled by over-regulation? It's a fascinating debate that is playing out in Congress now. Certainly the House thinks so, and has passed a bill repealing many/most of the regulations established after the financial crisis.

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The Family Firm Hosts Lunch & Learn Event

Posted by Stephen Daly on 6/20/17 6:26 PM

“Be a student as long as you still have something to learn and this will mean all your life.”
Henry L. Doherty

On June 13th, The Family Firm hosted a “Lunch & Learn” event at the Capital Grille in Chevy Chase.  The event featured a panel discussion on the lifetime learning opportunities that are available for clients in the Washington DC area and also on the internet.  The Panelists included: Fredie Adelman, Director of Smithsonian Associates, Anne Wallace, Executive Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at American University and Nate Gendelman, President of The Family Firm.

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Inflation Continues To Be Low

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 6/16/17 1:15 PM

Inflation continues to be low...and rather than strengthening, it is actually weakening.

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Why a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) should be part of your financial planning team.

Posted by Stephen Daly on 5/30/17 5:28 PM

The Family Firm is a leading financial planning firm in Bethesda with eight CFP® professionals on staff and a collective 110 years of industry experience! Click here to learn more about our CFP® professionals.

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Falling Unemployment

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 5/18/17 11:42 AM

 We've all seen the dramatic improvement in the US unemployment rate in recent years. More indications that this is spreading to other nations come from France, where unemployment has fallen to levels not seen since 2012. Although the rate is still relatively high, the trend is positive, and President Macron intends to introduce policies which would spur further improvement.

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