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Trends in the housing Market

Posted by Nate Gendelman on 4/4/17 2:40 PM
Nate Gendelman

Trends in the housing market courtesy of the Case-Shiller price index data:

First, it is remarkable to me that 13 of the top 20 metropolitan areas have yet to reach the prices of 2005. Nationwide, we are slightly ahead of the peak of that historic bubble. Denver and Dallas have risen the highest about the 2005 levels, while Las Vegas prices are still - 12 years later - one third below their peak.

Over shorter time frames, several cities stand out with particularly hot markets - Seattle and Portland most notably. Every city has seen price appreciation over the past year.

As for Washington DC, 4% price gains year over year. Nothing to set one's pulse racing, but given the political tumult of the past year, probably not a bad result.